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Tasun at Fred Hall Fishing Show in Long Beach Convention Center March 1st - 5th 2017
Tasun Lure Retriever - We like to share wit you all our 1st experience in trad show at the Fred Hall Fishing Show in Long BEach Convention Center last week March 1st -5th. Got back home to Lake ISabella on Monday afternoon and here is the video we like to share, it is so awesome, me & Angela loving it. We try to go to Bakersfield, CA Fred Hall Central Valley Sports Show Kern County Fairgrounds this Friday March 10-12, 2017 then San Diego, CA Fred Hall Show Del Mar Del Mar Fairgrounds March 23-26, 2017 --- At the Long beach show last week Tasun is the only few new invention, maybe the only new fishing invention product at the show. As I checked out every booth and see no lure retriever but only Tasun. we stop almost the anglers passed by our booth as we have a 65 HDTV screen playing Tasun underwater videos retrieving snagged lures, it is awesome because these people are screaming out loud no way, that is awesome and genius creation that what they said to us, they asked us to demonstrate how Tasun works, we let them play with Tasun, hold Tasun and they all so exited about Tasun, we sold bunch of Tasun and Tasun Apparel. Get a bunch of contacts as rods builders for Tasun and fishing reels which use for Tasun - It is awesome and we are so happy, we got a bunch of distributors and fishing warehouse and outlets signup to distribute Tasun lure retriever. When we 1st saw our booth I was kind of disappointed as the show organizer placed Tasun booth at the end of the entrance with other vendors next to us these vendor has nothing to do with fishing except one to the right of us selling fishing rods and accessories. - Many of them are broke when they come to us, but they will order Tasun from Tasun online store. Crowd gather at Tasun booth like you see on this video over and over again all day long, I lost me voice because of speaking to the crowd our feet and heels are still hurting as this is our 1st time in trade show. - come visit us and be a member of Tasun Pro Staff Team Tasun. . .
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