Tasun Lure Retriever LLC now offers 2nd Level Tier Affiliation


Affiliates receive 30% commission for every Tasun lure retriever sold. That is $8.98 deposited into your Paypal account.

Affiliates get 10% commission for every item of Tasun Apparel sold. 

Affiliates can now recruit others into their downline to receive 7% commission off of the downline sale.

If you want to be considered for the Tasun Sponsored Affiliate Program, you MUST:

1. Purchase a Tasun Sponsored Affiliate Kit (Purchase 1 Tasun Lure Retriever.)

2. Test & Use The Tasun to retrieve snagged lures. 

You will not be approved by our staff for Affiliate sponsoring if you do not buy and use the Tasun Lure Retriever. NO EXCEPTIONS. After all, how can you promote a product you know nothing about? Don't worry it's simple. Buy the Affiliate Kit, use the lure retriever and cash in.

"Are you Ready to make Extra Cash while having fun helping local anglers save their favorite lures and jigs?" I know you are. Let's get started. money-mouth


Click the button below to purchase your kit.


After your Sponsored Affiliate Kit is purchased and completed, 
You will be re-directed back to the Tasun Sponsored Affiliate page.
Where you will be able to register.

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