How do I find my affiliate ID?

Login to your affiliate account.
Click on Banners Linking Code 'tab' - you see the image below.

 Fishing Charities for Kids and Soldiers/Veterans - CAST Foundation - ONLY

                   2 Banners - DO NOT USE GROUP ID=6 above

 Recruit New Affiliate - Your Down Line - 6 Banners group id=5
 Sale Banners - 5 Banners          group id=1
 TAIPAN RODS - 2 Banners    group id=8
 Tasun's Apparel - 1 Banners     group id=7

As you can see below, there are 5 product groups.

Underneath each banner is the code for that banner specifically. Move the mouse cursor over the code to highlight it, right mouse click then click on copy.
Paste the code on your blogs, webpage or social media - below is example of the banner code with my ID on it. my is 5.

id=5 --- this is the ID of the affiliate
group=1 --- this is the product group ID

If the code pasted correctly, it should display the banner as below. This banner is for the Sale banner group id=1. My affiliate id=1


Below is the banner code I try to promote to recruit new affiliate to join Tasun. They will be my down-liners

We also offer wholesale to our affiliate - feature 2nd tier - Simply the best, works every time, money back guarantee!

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