Tasun lure retriever - Simply the Best 
Works every time - Money Back Guarantee

Do Not Throw Tasun Lure Retriever down on your driveway, cement, concrete, or on the deck of your boat.

This Will Damage Tasun and Will Void Guarantee

Tasun is Designed for use in the water.


            Modification & Improvement Tasun  March 06 2017

Fishermen! Don't go fishing without Tasun.

Tasun lure retriever - Simply the Best - Works every time - Money Back Guarantee

Product Description & Specification & Instruction:

* Tasun is made of 90% Lead - 10% Stabium Metal.
* Spring-Loaded Wire to lock the Swivel-Ball.
* Weight: 6.71 oz - approximate 180 grams.
* Retriever Length: 3-1/4 inches.
* Retriever Height: 1 inch.
* Cap Size: 5/8 inch.
* Cap Center-Hole: 1/4 inch.
* Snagged Line Insert slot: 1/16 inch.

Recommend but not require
A short rod recommend 4 feet long, with casting reel - 30 lbs Braid-line are recommended.
The braid-line is attached to the eye-ring at the tail of the retriever.
Note: It is recommenced not to pull the snagged line to free up the snagged lure.
This may damaged your lure and cause the hook to "bite" deeper in the cover.
Just send Tasun down to retrieve your snagged lure!

If you don't have a separate rod with reel. 
Use a 30 lbs braid-line which tied to the eye-ring of the retriever. 

Do Not Remove The Cap.
1. Align the open gap of the retriever & the open gap of the cap.
2. Insert Tasun on the snagged line.
3. Turn the cap clockwise - Align the open gap of the cap with the open gap of Tasun at the top.
4. Left snagged line to the open gap of Tasun passed the cap.
5 turn the cap counter clockwise 1/10 of an inch to close.

How Tasun Works

Deploy TASUN.
* Raise the snagged line as high as possible, 
and pull the snagged line as tight as possible with out braking the snagged line.
* Let Go Tasun. A tight line allows Tasun slides down its track freely, without resistance, 
Remember to have plenty of slack on the retriever reel so Tasun will slide down freely with out drag.
* At point of impact with the snagged lure, Tasun knocks loose the lure, 
simultaneously forces the swivel-ball behind the spring-loaded wire then lock it in place.
All this happens in a few second.

Tasun work with or with out swivel-ball. 

Tasun works with swim bait, crank bait, soft jigs, soft lures, hard lures 'single, double or triable triple hooks.

Tasun have no limit of how shallow or deep in water such as river sides or bank fishing or under peers fishing.

In case of snagged in a bush, pull the retriever line up  5-10 feet, then pennentrate the snagged over and over again.

Correct position

Reason to get snag below:
A. Tree trunk or branches, rocks, or whatever your lure snagged into.
B. You pull on the snagged line so hard try to free it. Don't do this, just send Tasun down.
See image below for the explanation.

incorrect positions

All that is left for you to do is reeling up the the retriever line and there you go.
You just save your favorite snagged lure. 
Of course the retriever come back together with the snagged lure.
Hint 'the swivel-ball is locked behind the spring-load wire of the retriever.

Clever and slick designed isn't it? 

Thank You - God Bless.

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