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Tasun - Simply the Best Lure Retriever on the market

Designed to retrieve snagged lures from heavy cover, you don't have to be afraid of going for the big one anymore!

The Tasun lure retriever is straightforward, user-friendly which is why it sets itself apart from ALL other lure retrievers on the market today. The retriever slides down your line and "breaks loose" the lure from heavy cover, and keeps you fishing longer.

Tasun's non-mechanical design with no external chain-links allows for a lifetime of use inside your tackle box. A Spring loaded wire will lock the swivel ball into place upon impact, c
reating a "kick" effect that will dislodge even the toughest of snags.

With an unprecedented weight of just 6.71oz, constructed from heavy lead & metal, this guarantees you won't lose your favorite lures, ever.

  • Perfect for tournament competitors and casual fisherman alike.
  • Great for banks & under piers.
  • Tasun will help to save time and money by getting your lure out of tight spots.

Save your line and favorite lures, and spend less time tying knots and fishing more.

The Tasun Works Every Time, because no matter how close or how far away,Tasun will get there to retrieve it for you or your money back, Guaranteed!


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We're glad to know these Anglers and are thrilled that they have been using Tasun to retrieve their snagged lures & Jigs.

Posted by Angela Huan Vuong on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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