About Us

Proud of our product which Designs, Engineered in Lake Isabella CA USA.

Manufacture in China because the US government banned lead production.

We're thinking about implement Tasun to be made with stainless steel, glow in the dark plastic-coat outside of Tasun. This plastic used in making balling-ball so it is very hard.

Then we can have the new Tasun manufacture in USA - we're praying for this.

Get the most effective, efficient Lure Retriever in the market. Works every time - Money Back Guarantee!

* There are no moving parts, external hooks, or chain-links attached to our lure retriever.

* Simple to use. Awesome, slick & slim design, small enough to fit in your pocket.

* Tasun simply uses its weight 6.71 oz to knock free any snagged lure.

* Awesome designed allow Tasun slides down the snagged line at its center for ultimate balance.

* Tasun use the snagged line as its track, so o matter how close or how far your snag lure is away from you. Tasun will get there.

* YEAH no limit of how close or how far the snag away from you. Tasun will get there.* Plastic cap designed to keep Tasun from not come off or derail from the snagged line as its track.

* At impact, Tasun forces the swivel-ball behind the spring-loaded wire, and locks the swivel-ball in place.

* Spring loaded wire Titanum coated can withstand 75 lbs of pulling force.


Tasun is Proud sponsor/partner with the CAST Foundation - http://castforkids.org