We are so happy and want to share with you all our latest new.
We made modification on Tasun lure retriever to make Tasun better and also file patent for this new modification & improvement of Tasun over current patent pending status.
If you love Tasun, then you are goning to love Tasun even more, I am over joy and so happy that I just get to share this awesone new with you all.
From now on, you do not have to remove the plastic cap from Tasun to insert Tasun on the snagged line any more.
You do not need to remove the cap at all. no more losing cap on the ground or in the water.
All you need to do before you deploy Tasun to retrieve your snagged is:
1. Align the open gap of Tasun with the open gap on the cap. See below image
Tasun Modification & Improvement bottom
2. Set Tasun over the snagged line through the open gap.
3. Turn the cap clockwise until the gap on the cap is align with the gap on the top of Tasun. See below image
Tasun Modification & Improvement top
4. lift the snagged line to the top, passed the cap.
5. Now turn the cap counter clockwise 1/10 of an inch. This will close the gap of the cap.
All this take a few seconds to do. Compare with the old way, you have to remove the cap, insert Tasun on the snagged line, close the cap.
It is awesome that I saw issues with the cap at the Fred Hall fishing show in Long Beach convention last week.
People are forcing the cap so hard, it is only need to turn 1 turn when you put the cap on,  but they turn so many turn and causing issues with the cap.

There is a angler came to me and said how much he love Tasun, but he does not like it so much because Tasun is 2 pieces, the cap make Tasun become 2 pieces.
He said modify it so it become 1 piece. He said simply is the best. The key for any invention.
I can not afford to have new plastic injection mold for the cap made. So we leave the fishing show on Monday, driving along the Mojave desert, I was praying to God to help me to come up with a solution for the cap issue.
I keep s saying God help me to think, as I am driving and praying. BAM God show me the way, so awesome, genius I came up with the solution, which cost me nothing.
I explain to Angela as she felt as sleep in the truck. I told you God help me to come up with a solution and modification for Tasun. Better than ever.
Today, I made the modification myself, and it took me less than a minute to do. I love Tasun more than ever.
I can claim this modification of my invention is complete and the Ultimate lures & jigs Retriever is Re-Born Today. Tasun Lure Retriever LLC
So happy I contacted my patent attorney to file for modification & improvement of Tasun and this time we have fund to get it Patent ( not pending any more )