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Tasun lure retriever - Simply the Best - Works every time
Money Back Guarantee


Tasun lure retriever - Simply the Best - Works every time - Money Back Guarantee

Welcome and Thank you for visiting Tasun fishing lure retriever and Interest in our Affiliate program! Money mouth Money mouth Money mouth

Proud of our product which Designs, Engineering in Lake Isabbela CA USA
Manufacture in China because the US goverment banned lead production.

We're thinking about implement Tasun to be made with stainless steel, glow in the dark plastic-coat outside of Tasun. This plastic used in making balling-ball so it is very hard.
Then we can have the new Tasun manufacture in USA - we're praying for this. Cool 

Get the most effective, efficient Lure Retriever in the makert. Works every time - Money Back Guarantee!
* There are no moving parts, external hooks, or chain-links attached to our lure retriever.
* Simple to use. Awesome, slick & slim design, small enough to fit in your pocket.
* Tasun simply uses its weight 6.71 oz to knock free any snagged lure.
* Awesome designed allow Tasun slides down the snagged line at its center for ultimate balance.
* Tasun use the snagged line as its track, so o matter how close or how far your snag lure is away from you. Tasun will get there.
* YEP no limit of how close or how far the snag away from you. Tasun will get there.

* Plastic cap designed to keep Tasun from not come off or derail from the snagged line as its track.
* At impact, Tasun forces the swivel-ball behind the spring-loaded wire, and locks the swivel-ball in place.
* Spring loaded wire Titanum coated can withstand 75 lbs of pulling force.

                             Fishermen! Don't go fishing without Tasun.

Product Description & Specification & Instruction:

* Our lure retriever is mad of 90% Lead and 10% Stabium Metal.
* Features a Spring-Loaded Wire Hook & Lock the Swivel-Ball.
* Weight: 6.71 oz - approximate 180 grams.
* Retriever Length: 3-1/4 inches.
* Retriever Height: 1 inch.
* Cap Size: 5/8 inch.
* Cap Center-Hole: 1/4 inch.
* Snagged Line Insert (bottom of the retriever): 1/16 inch.

Recommend but not require
A short pole, reel and "At Least" 30 lbs test line are recommended for used of the retriever.
The line from the reel is attached to the eye-ring of the retriever for optimum performance.
Note: It is recommenced not to pull on the snagged line as you try to free up the snagged lure before Tasun is deployed.
This may damaged your lure and cause the hook to "bite" deeper in the cover.
Just send Tasun down to retrieve your snagged lure!

If you don't have a seperate pool with reel. You should have at least a test line of 30 lbs or more which tied to the eye-ring of the retriever.

How Tasun works and how to use Tasun
1. The plastic cap is turned counter-clockwise and removed.
2. Simply insert the snagged line into the open-slot at the bottom of the retriever. As Tasun use the snagged line as its track.
3. Close the cap by turning it clock-wise. ONLY 2 turns - Otherwise you will damage the cap & threats of the cap & the retriever.

How Tasun works



Deploy TASUN.
* Raise the snagged line as high as possible, and pull the snagged line as tight as possible with out braking the snagged line.
* Let Go Tasun. A tight line allows the retriever to slide down its track freely, without resistance, this help Tasun to gain speed and force prior impact to the snagged  lure.
   Important: Remember to flip the bail to allow plenty of slack on the retriever reel. This allow Tasun to slide down easily.
* Tasun gains speed and momentum as it sliding down the snagged line.
* At point of impact with the snagged lure, Tasun knocks loose the lure, simultaneously forces the swivel-ball behind the spring-loaded wire then lock it in place.
   All this happens in a few second.

Correct way for Tasun to perform its best - To retrieve your snagged lure

*** If the lure does not come loose at first attempt, simply pull Tasun up 3 or 4 feet then let go Tasun to make impact again.
This happen, because the hook is bitted so hard & deep into the object, as describe below:

         A. Tree trunk or branches, or rocks, or whatever your lure snagged into.
         B. You pull on the snagged line so hard try to free the snagged lure, and the hook just bite deeper and deeper as you continue to pull.
              Don't do this, just send Tasun down to free up your snagged lure. So cool isn't it?
         C. You did not raise the snagged line as high as you could without braking the snagged line and pull the snagged line tight enough to make it almost as straight as possible
               See image below for the explanation.

Incorrect way for using Tasun

All that is left for you to do is reeling up the the retriever line and there you go, you just save your favorite snagged lure.
Of course the retriever come back together with the snagged lure.
   Hint 'the swivel-ball is locked behind the spring-load wire of the retriever.
Clever and slick designed isn't it? Cool





Tasun lure retriever right side view Tasun works with all type of lures & jigs Angela showing of Tasun lure retriever Tasun lure retriever - simply the best - works every time



 Thank You - God Bless.