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Tasun lure retriever. 
Designed to retrieve snagged lures from heavy cover.  Don't be afraid to go for the big one anymore!   
The Tasun lure retrievers straightforward and user-friendly design is what sets it apart from other lure retrievers on the market.
Designed to slide down your line and "kick" your lure from heavy cover, the Tasun nonmechanical spring loaded wire will lock the swivel ball into place on impact.
Creating a "kick" effect that will dislodge even the deepest snags.
With an impressive weight of only 6.71oz, the Tasun is constructed from heavy lead & Stabium metal, guaranteeing you won't lose your favorite lure. Perfect for tournament competitors and casual fisherman alike. Tasun will help to save time and money by getting your lure out of tight spots, save your line and lure, and keep you fishing more and tying knots less.
Just slide the Tasun over your line and screw on the cap, and you're good to go.
Using your snagged line as a guide, the Tasun will get your favorite lure out of rocks, logs, whatever lies below.
Money back guarantee! A portion of proceeds will go to support the Veterans of America. 

Don't cut your line! Get a Tasun! 

Fishermen! Don't go fishing without Tasuncool
Tasun in action underwater - You're Gonna Love Tasun

"Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to his disciples to distribute to the people. He also divided the two fish among them all. "

Mark - 6.41

Fishing Charities for Kids and Soldiers/Veterans - CAST Foundation

 Tasun is Proud and Honored to support these awesome Organization. 

Join us, and together we can help them - Every time you click on Tasun Logo from their website to make a purchase. The CAST Foudation  will receive a donation of  $15.00 from Tasun.embarassed

   Take a Warrior Fishing   Fishing Kids    Veterans Day - Support the Veterans

Taipan Rods

Happy Holidays everyone. May the Grace & Peace of God be with you all. May your dreams come true. Tasun is proud and pleased to partner with Taipan Rods - Awesome custom rods. Taipan Repo rods ( casting or spinning ) rods which are designed specifically to work with Tasun. We are now have new line of custom rods and you can purchase a package ( Tasun lure retriever & Taipan Repo Rods ) smile


Join us - USA ProStaff Support the Veterans

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