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Lure Retriever - Simply the Best

Lure Retriever Tasun

Fishing Lure Retriever  - Tasun
Simply the best, most effective and efficient Lure Retriever that works every time.
Our Lure retriever has no moving parts, no external hooks, no chain-link attached to the lure retriever.

So simple to use and works every time, small enough to fit in your pocket.
Locking Cap so the lure retriever will not come off its track or de-rail during retrieving process.
We offer Affiliate program soon
No Membership and Monthly Fee - Receive 10% commission for every Lure Retriever sold.​
US Patent Pend.​ Available Now.

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Welcome to Tasun Isabella

Lure Retriever that work every time - Tasun Isabella

Lure Retriever Tasun Isabella Donation to USO & Feed the Children foundations


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